Welcome to The Entrepreneurship Project at the University of Missouri. The project is a training program to help people get started in their own production agriculture business. Look around the site to see what we are planning, what we are doing, and how you can become a participant.

New ventures need nurturing


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  1. Adrienne Hunter says:

    I enjoyed the presentation. I am very interested in participating in this project.

  2. Jill Lucht says:

    Hi Adrienne,
    Sorry I missed your post to the blog until now. Please get in touch with me at luchtj@missouri.edu if you are interested in applying for The Entrepreneurship Project. We still have openings in the upcoming cohort.

    Jill Lucht

  3. Boyd Talbert says:

    This is something I am very interested in. I love to learn how to grow food with the intent of prviding a healthy product. I am new to the farming business and would benifit greatly from this program. This blog would make a great place to share ideas or just talk about how things are going in the farming business.

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